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"I make my stand and remain as I am, and bid farewell and not give a damn."

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a clockwork orange, adam goldberg, adrian grenier, alan bennett, alan davies, allen ginsberg, amy sedaris, amy winehouse, anthony bourdain, art books, babyshambles, badges, bags, beck, ben whishaw, bill bailey, black books, blues x men, boardwalk empire, bob dylan, bob marley, bootlegs, boots, breakfast, breaking bad, bubble tea, casanova, ceramics, chloe sevigny, coen brothers, coffee, curb your enthusiasm, daniel day-lewis, daniel plainview, david rakoff, david sedaris, david tennant, demetri martin, donnie darko, dont look back, dvd commentaries, dylan moran, eat the document, einst├╝rzende neubauten, elbow, elvis costello, entourage, even stevphen, family guy, franz kafka, frasier, fyodor dostoevsky, gargoyles, harvey birdman, heavy trash, house m.d., howlin' wolf, huff, hugh laurie, hunter s thompson, ira glass, jake gyllenhaal, jakers, jarvis cocker, jeffrey lewis, jim jarmusch, jim-bob brayshaw, john birmingham, john hodgman, john oliver, john steinbeck, johnny depp, jon spencer blues explosion, jon stewart, kings of leon, lamps, lawrence ferlinghetti, leonard cohen, life on mars, louis theroux, mad men, manu/pete, matt morgan, media watch, monologues, my morning jacket, national white wine day, neutral milk hotel, nick cave, nick drake, op-shopping, painting, paul dinello, paul rudd, peter cook, philip seymour hoffman, pulp, pussy galore, qi, qotsa, rage, ralph steadman, ready steady cook, retro, reza aslan, russell brand, sacha baron cohen, scrubs, secondhand bookshops, seth rogen, shameless, sherlock, silence, simon amstell, socks, soulseek, soundtracks, spalding gray, spicks and specks, stephen colbert, stephen fry, steve carell, steve coogan, strangers with candy, sunday drives, supergrass, terry pratchett, the band, the big lebowski, the birthday party, the black keys, the chaser, the colbert report, the daily show, the go-betweens, the horrors, the libertines, the loved ones, the mighty boosh, the mountain goats, the raconteurs, the ramones, the smiths, the stooges, the strokes, the white stripes, them, this american life, tip shops, tom waits, usuals, weetbix, wes anderson, william borroughs, william shatner, withnail & i, withnail and i, woody allen
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