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Oct. 7th, 2006 11:51 am
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Colbert and a cup of coffee

Stewart in leather

How is a girl supposed to get any work done?

Goddamnit. Four days and still nothing doing on my KBS assigment. Well, I have printed out all the tutorials and solutions. You know you're in trouble when you get the hole punch out. You might as well just admit that you're fooling yourself. "Oh yes, now I've got them all nice and tidy in a folder I'll be able to find those references so much quicker." Never mind the fact that all the post-it notes in the world won't mean you UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT!

And now that I've taken a brief moment to actually read the spec (yeah, I wasn't kidding. I got nuthin.), I am very concerned.
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Interests Collage! )
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Christ I hate birthdays.

Can we please get shitfaced soon?
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Layout change. I was sick to death of the circles but couldn't come up with anything creative, so I stole Jack White's wallpaper. You likey?

Alright, I'm bored and there are a stack of notepad files clogging up my desktop with half written entries from months ago, so it's time to collate them into one long ramble. We don't need no stinking segues!

First things first. Awwwwww:

It's a shame Paul wasn't there, the three of them could have 'shared a moment' backstage. Scratch that, I'm sure he was and they did. While they're we're at it, throw John Oliver in there too. Let's just take a moment to picture that shall we? *le sigh*

Moving on (reluctantly), results from last semester:

Credit 67 for Philosophy, High Distinction 84 for Human-Computer Interaction. Ha! HD for a computing subject, all on my lonesome, without a net. You have to love an exam where you get to write a page on why a public toilet with the flush button on the floor of the stall is an example of bad design. Seriously.

Now it's Business Info Systems and KBS for the umpteenth time. As per usual, fear and loathing about the desperate need to pass this bastard subject only seems to appear at 2am and is suppressed at all other times of the day. Of course this means I've hardly gone to any lectures or tutorials. They don't take tutorial attendance (at least I hope they still aren't), they post the tutorial solutions and lectures are on thursday and friday afternoons. How can they possibly expect anyone to show up? There's so many other important things for people to be doing, at least I imagine there are, I myself end up shopping, on the net, watching tv or drinking coffee. If I'm feeling particularly productive, I'm fairly adept at multitasking those last three.

Speaking of reptiles, I saw Snakes on a Plane. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but I don't care what anyone says, it was FUCKING AWESOME! I found it absolutely hilarious and was pissing myself laughing throughout. It had all the stereotypes we know and love, also Dick from High Fidelity, Champ from Anchorman ("WHAMMY!") but mostly it had motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane!

So, what article of clothing could be even less practical than coca-cola pants I hear you ask? Why that would be this:

I'd had my eye on it for a while, but wasn't sure if it would fit. But it did perfectly and the lady gave me $10 off. She probably thought she'd never see the back of it. I'm fairly sure it'd been hanging in the same spot on the wall since the shop opened. You may ask "Erm, have you considered why that is?" But it was too weird and wonderful to leave on the rack and I love it. I don't know quite what occasion would warrant wearing it though. Beer festival? Tulip picking expedition? A gala celebrating the puffy sleeve throughout the ages?

Finally, just because he's my favourite and he was looking fabulous last night:

Good times!

Jul. 1st, 2006 04:24 pm
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It's been ages since I've written in here. It's only fitting that my first entry in such a long time be about something momentous. To that end, yesterday I made Amy Sedaris' cupcake recipe. Naturally with my own flair ( = liberal overuse of sprinkles)

Things didn't begin well. I was beating the sugar and butter when the one already half-broken beater became two completely broken beaters whirring away at high speed, sending small slivers of metal into my mixture.

RIP Beaters

So it was into the car to head round to Gran's (where i'd already been 10 minutes earlier to get an extra muffin pan because one of ours has disappeared) to borrow her mixer. Back home, start over. Gran's mixer is rather flash but, as I discovered later, the beaters aren't actually the ones that came with it. Which is why whatever you're mixing tends to travel up and over the beaters instead of down into the bowl. This makes the process rather eventful. I had to keep swatting the mix with a spatula every few seconds as it tried to escape over the side. But, I got there in the end. And of course I needed a means to display my masterpieces. So this provided the perfect excuse to purchase the cupcake tree thingy that our household has been sorely missing.


The recipe is for 24, Amy gets 18, I managed 16. And it took me all day. (I do wake up late though) It was good fun and most important, they are seriously the BEST tasting cupcakes EVER!

And today I bought Coca-Cola pants:

Das ist schon alles!
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Well dear journal, it has been a fantastic last few days. Stripes concert on Tuesday, which was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Granted I may say that about nearly every concert I go to, but this one was incredible. I was very lucky and got the absolute best spot, I was two short girls away from the barrier, on a little platform thingy, a bit to the left of Meg. Was next to two alternating guys. One very nice, bopping away. The other a bit more enthusiastic who got me on the side of the head with his elbow a few times, but was very apologetic. It was the coalition of short girls where I was and we were taking no crap, elbows and mucho swearing was used to great effect to hold back the tide of fuckwits. When Jack came and played guitar on the steps during Death Letter I was like 2 metres from him. 2 metres. From Jack White. So cool!

It was an excellent setlist:

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Black Math
Passive Manipulation
Jolene (Dolly Parton)
My Doorbell
Wasting My Time – Impromptu – Wasting My Time
Let’s Shake Hands
Blue Orchid
Party Of Special Things To Do (Captain Beefheart)
Forever For Her
As Ugly As I Seem
Apple Blossom
Death Letter (Son House)
Devil’s Haircut (Beck)
Instinct Blues
The Hardest Button to Button

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (Bacharach/David)
This Protector
Black Jack Davey (Trad.)
In the Cold, Cold Night
Ball and Biscuit

2nd Encore:
Fell in Love With a Girl (solo piano)
We’re Going to Be Friends
Let’s Shake Hands
Lafayette Blues
Screwdriver – Rat’s Nest (the Gories) – I Think I Smell a Rat
The Nurse
Seven Nation Army

They played Do, my favourite :-) Death Letter was amazing, as was Apple Blossom, Canon, Ball and Biscuit, Black Jack Davey, Let's Shake Hands, ok I could end up writing that whole list out again here. It all ROCKED!!! And Jack loves us (like a little brother) because we were louder than any of the Big Day Outs they'd played. Yay Tassie! Here's hoping this will lead to more acts making it down this way.

So, home around 1 and asleep at 2am then up at 4 to catch the flight to Melbourne. No rest for the wicked, to South Melbourne for breakfast, then out to DFO. Got a cute bag for $5 and a pair of black and white striped Dunlops I've wanted for ages. Only pair left and just my size. A brief jaunt in to Melbourne Central then back to St Kilda for the Kings.

Mum took pity on me being a loner and ended up getting a ticket too. So there goes my hipster cred, or it would if I had any to begin with. We got in and made a beeline for my spot on the stage up the back and staked our claim next to the rail. The Subways were unremarkable, stayed seated for them. Jumped up when the Mess Hall came on, but they weren't as good as the last time I saw them. I'm not that fond of their new stuff, but the drummer is great to watch. Looooong wait for KOL, time to survey the crowd from our handy vantage point. I have never seen so many hot skinny hipster boys with teeny tiny jeans in my life! There was one particular blonde with a hairstyle that would merit comparison to Nick Cave's early 80s do.

The Kings finally take to the stage and commenced kicking arse and taking names. They thoroughly rocked and the crowd went nuts. We got 1 1/4 new songs. Both of which were great, can't wait for the new album. Special mention for 4 Kicks, first time hearing it live and it did not disappoint!


Molly's Chambers
Taper Jean Girl
Pistol of Fire
Wasted Time
The Bucket
4 Kicks
Velvet Snow
King of the Rodeo
California Waiting
Spiral Staircase

On Call
Joe's Head
Slow Night, So Long

Standout for me was Trani, my favourite song of theirs and they went off. Caleb, Jared and Matt all rocking out at the end was mad. And luckily the old (read 30-something) guy behind me who had been attempting a ridiculously loud Caleb impression in my ear for most of Spiral Staircase didn't know the words to it. He tried to rally with the second "ground" but I think his girlfriend caught my earlier deathstare and told him to shut up. Again I was in a good crowd and we were praised for having "blown Sydney out of the water" So, yay Melbourne for being openly and vocally enthusiastic for once!

Next night was Dusty, I wasn't sold on it to begin with, but it was actually really good. Well, clarify that a bit, the first half was great, but it really lost it in the second. The woman who played her did a great job, and despite her pedigree Deni Hines was good too. Best bits were the My Generation sequence and of course Son Of A Preacher Man.

So, live entertainment over, rest of the trip was dedicated to shopping and lots of it! Hit JB Hifi and hit it hard, bought the Hives dvd, Black Keys dvd, Road To Go Knows Where/Paradiso, MMJ's Z, Leonard's Death Of A Ladies Man. Other music purchases from elsewhere were: EC The Right Spectacle, WS Under Blackpool Lights, Blondie Parallel Lines, Go-Betweens Friends of Rachel Worth and another Leonard: I'm Your Man. I will not be entering another music store in a long time! Also picked up three posters (not that I have any wall space to put them) the classic Raw Power Iggy shot, a Beck and a F & L.

Clothes wise I did well too. The above from DFO, we also did Bridge Road, not a hell of a lot on offer, but I got a nice satin bag and badge. We did a whole day in town, I got a charcoal jacket from Jay Jays in a style I've been after, a fab black, red and white dress from the best shop ever: Retrostar and some big red hoop earrings from another little shop in Royal Arcade.

We also did Brunswick and Chapel, went to the Rose Street artists market, heaps I wanted, but prices were mostly a bit steep for me. Got another cute badge though. On Chapel I got two funky necklaces, one from the Bazaar. Great shop, but the people are snooty and the other from Fat Helen's. Great shop, with a nice lady, she only takes cash, and took a dollar off oru stuff because we had to go to the atm.

The best thing was the St Kilda Art Market, never been before, and it was great. I got a stenciled t-shirt and coat from one guy's stall. T-shirt has a F & L print on it and the coat has a cool skeleton and skull design. We also got tea there, a very scrummy Thai soup and roll for $6.50.

So all up I spent over $500, but that's ok cos I start a fourth cleaning job next week, so I'm up to earning almost 300 a week. Huzzah!
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Another year over, a new one just begun and all that.

Belated Best Of 05 lists:

Albums )
Songs )
Videos )
Films )
Actors )
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TV )
Gigs )
Hot List )
Cool List )
Shit List )

My haul

Dec. 26th, 2005 07:24 pm
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That's Christmas over for another year. It's been a good couple of days and I got some great stuff!

Here's a large selection of it (including a much needed new desk chair):

And the best of all, a bag my Great Aunt (with help from my Gran) handmade for me from thai silk:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com


In other news, I got a job. It's cleaning two credit unions, 1 1/2 hours, 5 days a week. Started on Monday and it's alright. My employer is a nice guy. Not the most thrilling job ever, but I can choose what time I start and can work at my own pace, by myself, listening to my mp3 player. For $130 or so a week, that's a-ok with me.
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It's a damn shame. Only a single studio album and a live album to remember one of my all time favourite voices. You can't get any better than Everlovin' Man.

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Wow, long time, no update.

Got my results today. I am so relieved and thoroughly stoked! Lookit:

English 1B - 78 Distinction
The German Age of Chivalry - 68 Credit
Philosophy 1B - 71 Distinction
Software Design - 75 Distinction !!!!!

I can't believe Software Design, well actually I sorta can. That exam was so unreasonably difficult, but not just for me for a change. Afterwards everyone around me was swearing and/or looking thoroughly shattered, much like myself. Add to that the fact that computing students are notorious slack, so probably at least 1/4 of my class started studying the night before. Whereas swot vac panic is a very good motivator for me, that and the threat of the uni's wrath because they kinda frown upon people that manage to fail the same course twice. I knew sql queries, design patterns, normalisation and sequence diagrams and all the other boring crap inside out, and now I can forget all of it! Hurrah!

Now to more important business, The WHITE STRIPES are coming HERE! To HOBART! It's unbelievable and so exciting! Venue is kinda ordinary, but no matter. It's gonna rock, and I think I'm going old school and queuing up for tickets. This is too important and I'm too much of a paranoid freak to rely on the dodgy ticketek website or switchboard. At least you know where you are with a queue, even if that is shivering on a cold footpath at 3am. Yep, this proves I'm still loyal, Jack, despite your upcoming ad work. And you can still be purdy when you want to:

And here's one of these:

Levon Helm
You are Levon Helm! The Band's only real
Southerner, who's tales of medicine shows and
moonshine inpired many of Robbie Robertson's
songs. A straight talking, no nonsense kind of
guy who's effortlessly funky drumming and
gritty southern twang anchored The Band's
sound, which ever genre they crossed into.

Which member of The Band are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Oops, only a day late.

Happy 48th Birthday Nick!

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The Followill boys eagerly await their invitation to the next National White Wine Day gathering.

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Before I get back down to my essay, I'll write a bit about the last few days, which explains why I am pretty much starting it the day after it was due. And who cares about essays anyway.

Nanna passed away on Saturday, a relief really because she had been very sick, but still very sad. My Uncle, Aunt and Cousins came down from Sydney last Tuesday because they were told it wasn't going to be long and they wanted to say their goodbyes. We have spent some time with them, which was really nice. It's a shame they don't live here.

The funeral was today, it was at a small Uniting Church. It was a nice service, but for me it was very heavy handed with God and Jesus Christ, of course that's to be expected but being preached to about death not being the end and if you believe Jesus you will join him in heaven etc was a bit much I thought. But what made it so much better was the eulogy from a second cousin named Andre that I didn't know I had. He spoke unscripted and incredibly eloquently about Nanna's life and he also added in that 'some of us here might be believers, some not', which I appreciated and which made the minister look up. I lost it when they had silent reflection and played the theme from the Deerhunter, that was also played at Dad's funeral. It brought back all those memories. I was able to pull it together thanks to the indignation I felt when the minister started up again though. But it ended very nicely with Vera Lynn's We'll Meet Again played as the coffin was taken out. The man that works for the funeral directors and also at the theatre royal walked in front of the hearse a little way as it left, I thought that was nice that they have kept that tradition.

Tonight we went out to tea with my Uncle, Aunt, Cousins and Andre. (Who used to be called Wayne, but changed his name to Andre by deed poll. We don't actually know why, and when I first heard that I thought it was very odd. But having met him, he is definitely more of an Andre than a Wayne) He is a really interesting guy with some great stories. I have learnt a bit more about another second (i think) cousin who is a very highly regarded Christian mystic who lives in a cave somewhere. Prior to his move to the cave he got his degree in Icelandic poetry. But my favourite story Andre told I'll write here for posterity because I think it is brilliant:

When his parents were both in their 80s, his mother (slightly dotty) was sitting with a tea cosy on her head. The argument that this caused between her and Andre's father follows:

"You're wearing a tea cosy"
"No I'm not"
"Yes you are, earlier I saw it on the teapot!"
"When it's on the teapot, it's a tea cosy, but when it's on my head it's a hat!"

Such wonderful logic and the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!

Right, now I'm going to make the most of that affogato I had and get some of this essay knocked over.
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The Go-Betweens were outstanding last Friday. Played a lot of my favourites, and it was a great introduction to songs I haven't heard, but will again when I get all the rest of their albums.

Setlist (nicked from Naked Dwarf):

Black Mule (Grant solo)
Clouds (Grant + Robert, with a line from Bob Dylan's "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" chucked in)
He Lives My Life
Boundary Rider
Magic In Here
Streets Of Your Town
Make Her Day
Here Comes A City
Draining The Pool For You
Finding You
Bye Bye Pride
This Night's For You
Spring Rain
Was There Anything I Could Do?
Surfing Magazines
Devil's Eye (Robert + Grant)
Mountains Near Dellray (Robert + Grant)
Too Much Of One Thing
Cattle and Cane
People Say
This Girl Black Girl
The Clock.

My highlights = Clouds (yay, Bob!), Streets Of Your Town, Mountains Near Dellray (particularly Robert's extended intro), Surfing Magazines, Cattle and Cane, the one about the train trip and the one he said he wrote while listening to Highway 61, with the bassist on the keyboard thingy. But it was all gold. Robert Forster is a very funny guy, with the stories and stuff, but also just the way he moves. Shambolic is the word. I'm not sure if it's intended to be that humorous or or not. His very careful move onto the drumrise made me smile. Great front man. And Grant's voice is beautiful. I'm getting old before my time, but I am a sucker for comfortable concert venues so I thought the Theatre Royal was good (despite stroppy ushers).

Next up is Kris Kristofferson on the 19th.

Uni rolls along as usual. Didn't go to any tutes bar Software Design last week because of shitty Philosophy essay. Got it done and handed in finally, very very ordinary. No matter. Now it's onto the 1st English one, The Sign Of Four. Got quite a few references for it. Some of these academics are full of it. To paraphrase one example: The treasure being hidden in a hole in the ceiling clearly symbolizes a woman's vagina. Eh? What on earth are you one about?!

This is cute:
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Well, very good news: all the blood tests came back clear, and I don't have lupus, which is one of the things the doctor tested me for cos of the rash. He reckons it was rosacea, and that it may come back. Fingers crossed it doesn't! I'm very glad to see the back of it and the whole of last week, which was spent panicking about what the tests would show.

So now, feeling better and back to uni. Had my first English tutorial this afternoon. Another thing I'll be glad to see the back of! There is a group of 4 or 5 girls, that I noticed in lectures last semester. I thought to myself "I reckon you people would annoy me intensely". Guess who is in my tutorial. Only three, but I think I got the worst of them. One in particular has a squeaky voice (think that blonde cheerleader from Dazed and Confused) which she likes to use a lot. A real lot. I have to spend an hour every week with that voice and a variety of others that ramble on and on and on while not saying anything remotely intelligent or interesting. It makes me long for my old tute where we sat in uncomfortable silences for 5 minutes at a time. Now I just have to figure out the bare minimum number of tutes I have to attend to be allowed in the exam room. My kingdom for a solely vista based first year subject!
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The coordinator for my Philosophy unit is called Richard Corry, when I read his name it reminded me of a song my Dad had on one of his mix tapes that I used to love when I was a kid. The song, of course, being "Richard Cory". I now realise the voice I thought was great when I was knee-high to a grasshopper is Van Morrison. Thanks to soulseek I'm listening to it now.

That is all.
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German Drama - Credit, 63
English - Distinction, 72


Advanced Web - CREDIT, 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy!!! I never have to go to one of Byeong's lectures ever again and they can't kick me out of Computing!

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