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I love these Christmas 'news roundup' letters. This one arrived weeks ago. I have no idea who these people are. Names have been changed to protect the mundane. Any spelling/grammar mistakes are theirs, emphasis is mine. Yes, I believe she is referring to herself in the third person.


Well another year has come and gone. Christmas 2005 was celebrated in fine style with the Williams family followed by tea at James and Laura's.
Christie still enjoys her days at Target and Tim Continues to run E-I Mould Shop.
Christie now has a regular Friday night canasta game with the local ladies, Tims considers himself very lucky he is at work !!!!
After Xmas we joined the Yardley's and Robertson's at Dromana till the New Year. A fine time was had by all.
January saw us celebrte Laura's (with her friend Ann) 30th birthday and we were fortunate to have David and Lynne Fitzgerald from Sydney stay a couple of days on their way to Tasmania. Dwayne and Heather also arrived to take in a couple of days of the Australian Open tennis and both were on hand to help Laura celebrate her birthday.
March came and during the month, Christie celebrated 25 years at Target along with 2 other friends who were on hand at the opening of the store.
Paul and Janet embarked on their Italian odyssey in April only to be cut cruelly short some weeks later. Paul is still recovering. Enough said about that.
Caught up with Terry, Kate and Josh White during June just prior to the "Event of the Year". This was the birth of Elizabeth Catherine Marshall. Our second grand child.
July saw us celebrate Xmas in July with our friends, another night of magnificent food and perfect company.
In August, Tim had his second visit to hospital. The first earlier in the year with gout, yes gout. This time it was to repair a hernia. Overnight stay, 4 days at home then back to work much to his doctors surprise.
September saw the whole family, Tim, Christie, John, James, Laura, Jim and Elizabeth in Hobart to help celebrate Christie's dads 80 birthday. A great time was had by all.
Mandy and Penny Snow stayed a couple of days on their way to the Bathurst 1000, closely followed in October by Mark and Maureen Donald from Adelaide. This last visit was another excuse to celebrate Xmas early with family which we duly did.
During November new curtains in the lounge and dining room were the highlight, an eary Xmas present which leads us to December and the festive season. Tim continues to plan the 20 day fly drive holiday in New Zealand down to the dinest detail.
Before Xmas we will celebrate Tony and Michelle Robertsons 30th wedding anniversary, a very auspicious occasion. Xmas will be at the Williams this year and as usual will be a great day with all our respective families.
Just after Xmas, Tom and Christie head off to New Zealand for a 20 day tour of the North and South Islands. More about that next year.

Wishing you all a very happy Xmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

Tom and Christie Blake

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